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Karuna Retreat Center





Karuna Retreat Center is located in the green mountains of Serra de Monchique in the Algarve. Serra the Monchique is known for its healing thermal water, medicinal plants, pure air and lush green landscapes. The Retreat Center offers a stunning view over Portugal's southern coast and the Atlantic Ocean and is just 20 minutes away from pristine beaches and less than 10 minutes away from the picturesque village of Monchique and Caldas de Monchique (Thermal SPA). Karuna is amongst one of the most secluded and silent places in this area and is home to a variety of local flora and fauna. The Retreat Center’s property is isolated and perfect for those in search of silence, seclusion and peace.

After the wild fires that burned 80% of the Serra de Monchique the lush green scenario has changed quite a lot, however, you will still find Karuna to be a very peaceful and silent place with stunning views over the coast.


The Retreat Center is open for group and individual retreats all year long. Group retreats and other group activities will be announced on this website on a regular basis (see Upcoming Events). If you wish to organize or participate in a group retreat or simply do an individual retreat please contact us.

 Karuna is a non-smoking place. No alcoholic drinks, meat or fish are allowed. 



- Large meditation hall with wooden floors and a view over the Atlantic Ocean. The meditation hall can sit up to 200 people and over 30 people can practice yoga simultaneously.

- Dining Hall that sits up to 70 people, but can also be very cosy for only a couple of people. You will eat with a view!

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