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Karuna Retreat Center



At Karuna Retreat Center we give great importance to our guests' health. This means providing the best conditions so you can take care of your body, speech and mind. The pure air and fresh spring water are our favorites!


We prepare 3 vegetarian meals/day. We can also prepare vegan meals for those who request it in advance. We only use local products and whenever it is possible we try to use fresh products from our vegetable garden at Karuna.


You can schedule an Ayurvedic consultation with Dr. Veena Fernandes. 


Ayurvedic Medicine is a traditional medicine originated in ancient Indian.

Ayurveda belongs to one of the oldest medicinal traditions containing amazing ancient wisdom based on millennial experience.

It is a very complete medicine, offering techniques and treatments of great complexity, always with the goal of providing a deep healing with long-term results.

Ayurvedic medicine works to help balance and harmonize, physically, mentally and spiritually, through a holistic concept of health. In Ayurvedic medicine the absence of a physical illness does not imply health. Health means being able to be in a state of happiness and balance - physical, mental and spiritual.

This medicine is based on prevention of disease but achieves excellent results in the healing of chronic diseases.

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