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Karuna Retreat Center



Today I see dark with the memory of the green

Tomorrow green with the memory of the dark

In the dark and in the green Karuna (compassion) remains the same

― Balkrishna


Dearest Friends,

We would like to share with you some new pictures of Karuna Retreat Center. After the wildfires, that destroyed all the forest and infrastructure at Center, we have been able to re-build the meditation hall, the dinning hall, the kitchen and 10 new rooms.

All the work accomplished was only possible due to the hard work, relentless commitment and the love of many friends from all over the world. Thank you to every single person who participated in this project in one way or another.

We will re-open in May for individual and groups retreats. Scrool down for new pics and further down for old pics.

Dear Friends, 

Our heart and soul is with all those who suffer and who were affected by the wildfires in the Algarve. Karuna Retreat Center was hit by the fires on the night of the 5th August and burned to ashes. All its friends are committed to rebuild this Center so that we can continue having a place for those who wish to look within. ― Karuna Retreat Center


You can find bellow some pictures showing the work in progress You can also follow us on social media and through our BLOG. 

August 2018



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