Karuna Retreat Center




We have  8 rooms - all with 3 single beds  and shared bathrooms. All rooms have a splendid view over the southern coast of the Algarve.

For ecological reasons we only provide bed linen and towels for those staying more than 5 nights at Karuna. If you’re coming for less than 5 days you’re required to bring your own towel and bed linen. We always provide blankets/duvets and pillows. 


There are 4 cabins located near the lake and a little bit away from the main house. These are ideal for those in search of more seclusion. Wooden cabins share common showers and toilets. Whenever possible, people on individual retreat stay in these cabins while people on group retreat stay in the main house. 


To temporarily replace the main sleeping area - that was burned by the wild fires and which had a capacity to accommodated over 40 people - we have a shared dormitory that can sleep up to 10 people. In total Karuna has now the capacity to host 38 people at a time (using the rooms and cabins + dormitories) compared to our previous capacity to host over 60 people at a time.


Karuna Retreat Center

Tel:969 301 486 / 912 221  857 | Email: karuna.retreatcenter@gmail.com